Ordering & Delivery

Ordering and Delivering - 8 Steps to completing a customer order

Step 1 Submitting Order(s)
Orders are placed on the Hit PC's webstore, new customers are required to registered or an option for 'Guest Checkout' is available.

Step 2 - Order(s) acknowledged
Once the webstore receives the order, an order acknowledgement email notification is sent.

Step 3 - Stock Allocation
Depending on the item(s) that have been purchased, the webstore will allocate the specific products to your order(s) and this will be represented in the email notification.

Step 4 - Picking and Packing
Our dedicated warehouse team will retrieve your order and the products will be picked and carefully packed securely.

Step 5 - Sales Invoices
Once the ordered products are picked and packed, they are then sent over to the shipping queue.  An email nofication is sent out with this information along with a final invoice.

Step 6 - Shipped
This is when the orders are just about to be shipped out on the selected shipping service which can be found on the checkout page.
Tracking numbers are provided orders that have a fully tracked service such as DPD, UPS, UKMail.

Step 7 - Delivery
Wahayy! - This is confirmation that the order has been delivered.

Step 8 - Orders completed
We will issue a follow up email to make sure everything went well with your purchase with an option for all customers to feedback and reviews on the process so that we work together in providing the best service possible.